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Life is a story. Tales that unfold every day — intentionally or fortuitously — as we try to find meaning to our existence. This quest for essence is not novel. It is a path that has been treaded for aeons by our kind — sometimes the trail is brutal, other times it leaves behind beautiful patterns. And we continue to make these stories — good or bad — true or imagined. It tells us who we are — and what we can become. It becomes the cord that binds our humanity together. It is what makes us humans.

When Will I Be Famous? is a collection of 15 short stories — mostly set in Nigeria with a trove of themes like Football Trafficking, Politics, Criminal Justice System, Mental Health, Migration to Domestic Violence, Religion and Politics.

The tales teeter along the excruciating path of the dreamer — floats in the canal of the lost, delves into the illusion that the mind can be subsumed in and still manages to emerge on the other side of triumph — but not without scars. 

And this is where you come in. We need your support to help us tell this story that is all ours and etch your name in the Hall of Fame where you rightly belong!

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Funding Goal

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Why Are We Doing This?

For this campaign, we have a funding goal of $25,000 or its Naira equivalent. The crowdfunding begins on November 16, 2020, to December 21, 2020, after which we will start after fulfilling the orders that we get from the campaign. We are crowdfunding this book for a couple of reasons.

(1) Publishing Costs: The funds we raise will help meet basic publishing costs for ISBN, book cover design, galley design, professional editor fees, creation of a website for crowdfunding and book sales and printing of the initial 200 copies from a US Printer.

(2) Marketing Costs. We want to market this book majorly online while driving engagement and sales through social media and the book’s website. We want to ensure the book is well optimized on Amazon to make sales. We plan to hire an Amazon book sales expert in this regard.

(3) Research Costs: We intend to start working on our next book — a nonfiction work inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to give this work all the concentration it would require so that we can meet our deadline. The funds we generate here will help us fund the research and other costs that would arise. . We will be able to put all the exigencies in place for the success of our next book project.

What's In It For Me?

We are in a very challenging moment right now across the world with the Covid-19 scourge. People are losing jobs and the economy is biting hard. We are embarking on this project with all sensitivity as our collective good transcends any project. Asides the sheer altruistic gesture of supporting this campaign, we will be adding some rewards which are accentuated with every level of the pledges. We can’t pay you back for chipping into this cause — but we’ll try. Asides the copy of the book and my first book (for Nigerian backers only because of shipping costs), I’ll be offering voiceover services, book services (if you want to publish your book), website building (this is a good time to have an online presence!), promotional videos as perks as you pledge. I have partnered with exceptionally talented young people who would deliver these things to you at a great value. So it won’t just be that you are supporting this project, but you are also going to get a good deal for these services you won’t get elsewhere. We are sorry if these perks don’t impress you!

Why You Should Trust This Campaign

My first stint in publishing was eight years ago. Back then, I did some sort of crowdfunding and gathered just about enough money to publish. I was just following my instinct as a young man with a dose of exuberance —knocking on every door like a desperate politician on the campaign trail!

We had the book launch at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and it was a beautiful event with important guests like the current MD of the bank of Industry—Kayode Pitan and Co-founder of The Sahara Group—Tonye Cole amidst other important dignitaries.

The book did fairly well for a book with limited marketing — selling almost a thousand copies. After publishing, I gained a sizeable amount of experience in publishing and even went further to study more on publishing as I worked with a big printer from India (Balwant Printers) as senior Business Development Manager—helping them fulfil printing orders from Nigeria. We also partnered with logistics behemoth DHL who helped us in bringing in reprinted copies from India. The book did well for a book with limited marketing — selling almost a thousand copies. After publishing, I gained an invaluable amount of experience in publishing and went further to study more on publishing as I worked with a big printer from India ( as Senior Business Development Manager—helping them fulfil printing orders from Nigeria.

I have a good experience in publishing to deliver on what I promise here.

About The Author

Opeyemi Philips is a Nigerian- born Global Citizen who writes with the pseudonym O.P. Philips. He is an author, entrepreneur, voice talent, a lover of football and an advocate for justice. He has worked in the creative industry in Nigeria for over twenty years — developing contents for film, television, print media and the new media. He has also collaborated with foreign studios on film projects and educational initiatives.

As a voice talent, he has recorded scores of commercials, audiobooks, documentary and animation narrations, pre-recorded messages and just about everything that can be voiced.

In 2012 Opeyemi authored his first published book: The “OBAMA” in You! A self-help book that chronicles the journey that led President Obama to unprecedented victory and how people can achieve goals using the same time-honoured principles.

He used to run one of Nigeria’s biggest podcast — NaijaPodcast which he plans to bring back once he eases on his writing projects.

Asides writing, Opeyemi is an entrepreneur with a predilection for online businesses and he runs a blog—What Football Teaches (WFT) — that uses football (soccer) to inspire people and organizations to be their best versions. This blog was inspired by his on-going work What Football Teaches About Life—a nonfiction book.

Currently, he is back in college studying Business Administration at The University of The People. When he is not reading or watching Manchester United, he loves volunteering for community work.

He is happily single and has been stuck in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria even before the pandemic!

Select a Reward

Thank you for being here

You will be doing us a lot of good if you could help spread the word about this book project! Even if you are not chipping in this time, feel free share our videos media tool kits and promotional materials on social media.

My team and I would like to thank you profoundly for being on this page and considering chipping in. It’s no small thing for us. We love you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Receive My Book?

We are currently editing the second draft of the book and we will be processing the orders we get by the end of the campaign on the 21st of December 2020. The book will be printed and shipped for paperbacks and should get in February or March 2021. The digital download will also be processed for different versions and an email will be sent to you to download it when ready.

The gears will also be sent to you together with the book and all that you have in the pledge.

Please note that people outside Nigeria will not be able to get a physical copy of my first book, The “OBAMA” in You! because of the shipping costs. They will, however, get the digital copy of the book.

How About The Perks?

All perks for this project will be received by February 2021 latest to enable us to process all the orders.

For additional perks like the putting up of promotional video or a website, please contact the author if you want to trigger that option so that you can be scheduled. For websites, you must have your domain name and host ready except you pledge a category that comes with free hosting.

Spaces are limited for this feature and it will be on a first-come-first-served basis. You should contact the author if you want to explore this option so that you can be scheduled on the calendar.

Can I Get A Refund?

Nah! Why would you want to do that? No refunds so please consider this well before chipping in! Haha!

Are My Details Secured With You?

The collection of payment is Paystack and PayPal and these are reliable payment solution companies. We do not have any access to your credit card and debit cards details.

If you have any reservations or in the event of any unlikely glitch, please use the contact form or call these numbers: 234-8144739213.